Are there different types of pomade?

By Charles Ford •  Updated: 06/17/23 •  8 min read

Pomade has been a popular hair styling product for centuries, known for its ability to provide hold, shine, and versatility.

Over time, various formulations of pomade have emerged, each with its unique characteristics and benefits.

In this article, we will explore the different types of pomades available in the market today, helping you understand which one might be the best fit for your hair type and styling preferences.

Are there different types of pomade?

Are there different types of pomade?

Yes, there are several kinds of pomades available, each offering distinct qualities and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of pomades commonly found in the market:

Pomade is a hair product that offers excellent hold, shine, and flexibility.

It is commonly used by both men and women to create various hairstyles, ranging from slicked-back looks to textured and voluminous styles.

While pomade is known for its ability to provide long-lasting hold, it’s important to note that not all pomades are created equal.

Different types of pomades offer different benefits and suit various hair types.

Traditional pomades

Traditional pomades are typically classified into two main categories: petroleum-based and wax-based.

Petroleum-based pomades

Petroleum-based pomades, also known as oil-based pomades, are made primarily from petroleum jelly or mineral oil. They provide excellent hold and shine and are suitable for various hair types. However, they can be difficult to wash out and may leave a greasy residue on the hair.

Wax-based pomades

Wax-based pomades are formulated with beeswax or other natural waxes. They offer a firm hold and a more matte finish compared to petroleum-based pomades. Wax-based pomades are easier to wash out, making them a preferred choice for many individuals.

Water-based pomades

Water-based pomades have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and washability. They are formulated with a water-soluble base, which makes them lightweight and non-greasy. Water-based pomades offer a medium to strong hold and provide a natural-looking finish.

Benefits of water-based pomades

Water-based pomades have several advantages over traditional pomades:

Drawbacks of water-based pomades

While water-based pomades have their benefits, they also have a few drawbacks:

Clay pomades

Clay pomades are a newer addition to the pomade market. They are formulated with natural clays such as bentonite or kaolin, which provide a unique texture and hold.

Characteristics of clay Pomades

Clay pomades possess the following characteristics:

Advantages of clay pomades

Clay pomades have several advantages:

Disadvantages of clay pomades

It’s essential to consider the drawbacks of clay pomades:

Gel pomades

Gel pomades combine the features of traditional hair gels and pomades. They offer the hold and shine of a gel with the flexibility and texture of a pomade.

Features of gel pomades

Gel pomades possess the following features:

Pros and cons of gel pomades

Consider the following advantages and disadvantages of gel pomades:

Cream pomades

Cream pomades are a popular choice for individuals seeking a more natural and lightweight styling option. They have a creamy consistency and provide a medium hold.

Qualities of cream pomades

Cream pomades possess the following qualities:

Benefits of cream pomades

Consider the advantages of using cream pomades:

Limitations of cream pomades

Be aware of the limitations of cream pomades:

Hybrid pomades

Hybrid pomades combine the best qualities of different types of pomades to offer a versatile styling option.

Definition of hybrid pomades

Hybrid pomades are formulated by blending two or more types of pomades to create a unique product. For example, a hybrid pomade may combine the hold of a wax-based pomade with the washability of a water-based pomade.

Advantages of hybrid pomades

Hybrid pomades provide several advantages:

Drawbacks of hybrid Pomades

Consider the drawbacks of using hybrid pomades:

Choosing the right pomade for your hair type

When selecting a pomade, it’s important to consider your hair type and desired hairstyle. Here are some general guidelines:

How to apply pomade correctly

To achieve the best results with pomade, follow these steps:

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  2. Take a small amount of pomade and rub it between your palms to warm it up.
  3. Apply the pomade evenly through your hair, focusing on the roots and working your way to the tips.
  4. Style your hair using your fingers, a comb, or a brush, depending on the desired look.
  5. For added hold or shine, you can apply a second layer of pomade.

Frequently asked questions about Pomades

Q1: Can pomade damage my hair?

A1: When used in moderation and properly washed out, pomades should not cause significant damage to the hair. However, using excessive amounts of pomade or not washing it out thoroughly can lead to build-up and potential hair issues.

Q2: How often should I wash out pomade?

A2: It’s recommended to wash out pomade after each use to prevent product build-up. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair thoroughly.

Q3: Can women use pomade?

A3: Absolutely! Pomade is not limited to any specific gender and can be used by anyone looking to style their hair effectively.

Q4: How do I remove pomade from my hair?

A4: To remove pomade from your hair, use a clarifying shampoo or a gentle cleansing oil. Massage it into your hair and scalp, then rinse thoroughly.

Q5: Can I restyle my hair after applying pomade?

A5: Yes, one of the advantages of using pomade is its ability to be restyled throughout the day. Simply use your fingers or a comb to reshape your hair as desired.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several types of pomades available, each offering unique benefits and suitability for different hair types and styling preferences.

Whether you prefer traditional petroleum-based or wax-based pomades, water-based pomades for easy washability, clay pomades for a matte finish, gel pomades for sleek styles, cream pomades for a natural look, or hybrid pomades for customized results, there is a pomade out there that can help you achieve your desired hairstyle.

Remember to choose a pomade that suits your hair type and follow the correct application techniques for the best results. Experiment and find the perfect pomade that will keep your hair looking stylish and well-groomed throughout the day.

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